The potato – The bulbous Diet Saboteur

Christopher Columbus brought the potato once from distant America to Europe . After the bulbous root vegetable was initially welcome because of its high nutritional value on German plates, it will be slow in the modern age to the load.

Whether as a buffer for breakfast as porridge for lunch or roasted in strip form for supper – the potato is part of every meal in our republic easy to do so. This fact made the healthcare industry advantage and invented the so-called potato diet . About this you can read regularly in various gossip and gossip sheets. Their success promises weight loss, however, be treated with caution . Because weight gain and eating potatoes are inevitably related.

A recent study concluded that the daily meal of potatoes can lead to a weight gain of 1.3 pounds over a period of four years . An appropriate amount of nuts, fruits or vegetables may instead lead to weight is lost. The study authors published their findings in the New England Journal of Medicine.

They noted in detail that over a period of four years the consumption of boiled, baked potatoes or mashed potatoes – weight gain is 0.6 pounds, potato chips – weight gain is 1.7 pounds and fries – weight gain is 3.6 pounds, leading to weight gain.

The real problem is not necessarily in the many calories that get stuck in the potato, but in the way of preparation . In our culinary culture, unfortunately, the habit has prevailed, in different manner with a high amount of fat to supplement the potato . Be it the butter in the mashed potatoes, the bacon in the fried potatoes or frying fat in french fries.