Spicy food is healthy

A hearty spiced curry can sometimes drive a sweat on the forehead and let your breath away . A healthy picture is not exactly the whole . And that’s why it surprised even little, why spicy food under Fitness Devotees do not always come off well.

This is not really a reason for it. Hot spices can help us fitness enthusiasts even in achieving our goals.

British researchers have found that red pepper can curb our appetite sustainable. In one study has shown that the subjects after the consumption of food cooked in red pepper meal for the rest of the day ate less total. So if you eat their breakfast egg with hot sauce and red pepper, you are well tuned for the next day on fat loss.

Curcumin, a substance that is responsible for the yellow color of the yellow ginger, has other properties that should be of interest to fitness fans. Curcumin reduces cellular inflammation and can thus accelerate muscle regeneration. In other words, you can train more workouts per week, and the more you exercise, the faster you reach your goals. Curcumin also helps that plaque is removed from our brain, increasing the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease, may decrease.

Although chilli pepper may be a painful affair for one or the other, but also make them happy. At least, researchers have found at the Buffalo University in the U.S. state of New York. The pain on the tongue, which is triggered by spicy chilli pepper, leading to a chain reaction. Our brain recognizes the seriousness of the situation and tried to make us the pain more bearable by Glücklichkeitshormone pours.

So if you are once again stressed out from everyday life, something Chilli Peppers can direct the mood back in the right direction.