Butter or Margarine – What is the healthier choice?

Whether for baked potato or on the breakfast bread, butter belongs in the kitchens of the Federal Republic of easy to do so. And our grandparents’ generation thought that was not all that bad. On the contrary . Butter was considered a valuable part of almost every meal. Given the food shortages in post-war Germany was an elegant butter as very palatable way to get valuable calories in the starving bellies.

With the economic boom luckily they had their calories boom, which, however, turned out to be a double-edged sword in the face of today’s obesity problem. But not only because of the high number of calories has fallen into the twilight the formerly popular butter.

In the 80s, saturated fatty acids were designated as the health threat number one, which makes us not only thicker, but also our heart and vascular apparatus can be dangerous.

Although margarine is about the same amount of calories as butter contains, it was declared as the healthiest option of all fat spreads . After all, margarine, according to the tenor of science, much less saturated fat than the golden butter.

The science, however, had long neglected in this argument to take a close look at the fats of margarine. As was discovered only in the new millennium, the fatty acids of butter substitute are not healthy. Margarine contains largely artificially hardened fats, called trans fats. As we know today, increase trans fats do not directly LDL cholesterol levels, however, these might include causing inflammation favor on the heart and blood vessels.